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Anne\'s Steakhouse and Seafood

18 East Patrick Street, Frederick, MD 21701·301-668-6019

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Livid in Frederick

Do not eat here! Service was awful, food mediocre. All tables were full and all seemed to be waiting for their food a very long time. Should have walked out. Lobster tail was cold and overcooked. When we asked for drawn butter, all we could get was honey butter. Really - a kitchen with no butter?? Shepherd's Pie was very salty and mostly gravy-like. Server offered us a round of drinks on the house and for us to speak to the owner, but then when she spoke to him he walked away. Had to ask 3 times to speak to him and then he was rude and disrespectful to us and the waitress. Said that she would have to pay for the meal. DO NOT EAT HERE. The owner obviously does not care about his patrons, staff or business!


January 16, 2012


Ordered the “Steak au Poivre.” This should have been called "Steak Sans Poivre" "Au poivre" is French and means coated in black pepper. (adjective) From Wikipedia: Steak au poivre (French pronunciation: [stɛk o pwavʁ]) or pepper steak is a French dish that consists of a steak, traditionally a filet mignon, coated with loosely cracked peppercorns and then cooked.[ The French preposition "sans" means "without." The steak was cooked properly to the right temperature, medium in this case, and had a nice sauce which unfortunately was completely uncontaminated by peppercorns. Not one. The sauce did have chives in it but the last time I checked a chive is not a peppercorn. If I'm paying $22.99 for steak au poivre, I would actually like to get the “poivre” that it is supposed to come “Au.” Perhaps someone ordered this dish in the past not knowing what they were ordering and when it came out, it was too spicy and they sent it back. Did the restaurant decide from thenceforth to tone it down to a mamby pamby wimpy-poo peppercorn-less version and not risk getting another steak sent back? Either put a little pepper icon next to the item on the menu as a warning that the dish is a little spicy - or call it something else - maybe Steak Diane. When I brought this to the server's attention the offending item was not removed, no offer was made to correct the problem, and I was still charged full price. My recommendation: go here for a drink.


November 29, 2011

Frederick Native

Do yourself a favor and read some on-line reviews before eathing here. After reading the other reviews of Anne's Steakhouse and Seafood on Patrick Street I know it wasn't just our imagination...our recent "meal" there was a real disappointment. The fact that there was only one other table occupied on a busy weekend evening should have been the tip off, but as one other reviewer wrote, it looks very nice from the outside. We were there a total of an hour and spent the first 25 minutes waiting for tea, then another 15 minutes for our appetizers to arrive. At that point we asked that the bill and soup/sandwich be brought right away. All were lukewarm and unappetizing. I sincerely hope our server has a “day job” because I don’t think she can support herself on tips! I used to be a waiter and always start at 20% tip when I walk in the door – then the actual tip either goes up or down, depending on service. We left no tip on this occasion which I only do in the very worst situations. Appetizers looked amateurish and poorly put together. Mine was not edible and my companion’s was OK. Our server had no comment when she took away my appetizer, minus one bite. Both of our main selections were hot dishes, and both arrive lukewarm, as if they had been prepared and left sitting for 20+ minutes before being plopped down in front of us in a “take it or leave it” manner. When we asked to speak to the manager we were told there was none on duty, and that the same chef who had (not)cooked our meal had the final say as to whether we had to pay for our partially cooked food. His/Her verdict, we had to pay over $30 and left hungry. The only apology came from the water server who came to our table much more often than our waitress. A great place to go if you are on a water diet, but Frederick has so many wonderful restaurants please visit one of them and avoid Anne’s Steakhouse and Seafood on Patrick Street!


November 26, 2011
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