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Quynn\'s Attic

10 East Patrick Street, Frederick, MD 21701ยท301-695-9656

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Monica P

10 March 2012: The week of March 5th is Restaurant week in Frederick Maryland. Close to two dozen restaurants participate in this annual event. I believe 2011 was the first year for restaurant week. The restaurants serve a fixed-price lunch and dinner, with either two or three courses. A 2-course lunch is $10.12; 3-course is $20.12. Add $10 to each lunch price for the dinner prices (plus tax and tip). This is a great way to try out those restaurants that are on the higher end at reasonable prices. Reservations are highly recommended. I emailed the owner of Quynn's Attic for lunch for the 7th. I had lunch with a co-worker who had never been to Quynn's Attic. I've been to Quynn's several times, but only for dinner. A 'reserved' sign was on our table, located next to the windows. I enjoy being able to look out and see people walking by. I love my town! My friend liked the atmosphere of the restaurant. The restaurant is a lot more quiet compared to some others in town. It's a cozy place too. The fixed-price menu included a choice of soup and two salads for the starter; and four entrees. Decisions, decisions. Both my friend and I ordered the chicken tortilla soup, which included black beans, and corn, in a tomato broth. It was topped with crispy chips. The chicken was tender and the broth had the nice flavor of roasted tomatoes and cilantro. The soup was actually quite filling. For my entree, I had the salmon avocado salad. I sort of expected to see slices of avocado but it was actually a puree. Fine by me. I love avocado any way it's served. There was a wasabi sauce on top of the salmon. I've had some pretty hot wasabi before, but this was mild yet flavorful. The salmon was cooked perfectly, so tender and moist. I wish I could cook salmon like this at home. I couldn't eat all of the salad and I know next time I will just have the entree for lunch - the soup filled me up. My friend ordered the paillard chicken breast that was topped with lump crab meat and a lemon sauce; roasted garlic mashed potatoes, and sliced vegetables. She enjoyed her lunch very much. I had a bite of her potatoes, which were creamy, light, and delicious. Service was very good. Two waiters took care of the lunch crowd (not 100% full). We both really enjoyed our food and plan to return again for lunch. And I'll have to come back for dinner soon.


March 10, 2012
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