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for China Garden


Old traditions and good memories is what food is all about. This restaurant has been bringing people together ever since I can remember. By far the best Chinese in the fc area. The staff has always been very friendly and superb. The food ubber fantastic. My favorite was the poo poo platter. Sweet and sour anything there was amazing the sauce is one of a kind I've never been able to find one like it. The beef on the stick so juicy and delicious. Presentation of food is a little above average but the taste and customer service is key and they own that. This restaurant is one of the best its a must have to anyone of any age orgin and so on. If you pass by frederick you must experience it for yourself. My family has been going here for years. I mean since I was born so that been almost twenty years. I agree with another review. Your not just a customer you become family.


March 15, 2014

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