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Ledo Pizza

490-I Prospect Blvd., Frederick, MD 21701ยท301-663-9800

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Bill M

I grew up eating at the original Ledo's ... it was amazing to find a childhood favorite so close to our (new) home. The prize here is the pizza. Yes, the other stuff is reasonably good - when I've tasted it off other people's plates. My favorite - sausage and onion. Mmmm. Maybe I'll get some today.


December 27, 2010


Best pizza I've had in the Frederick area. Their new white pizza, especially Chicken Florentine, is great.


September 11, 2008


I came here for lunch/ dinner break from work and I was pleasantly surprised to find the prices reasonable and the food excellent. I created a calzone and it was so big and good that I ate on it for two days at home. I woke up thinking about it and can't wait to get some more. I think my tastebuds have found a new best friend.


August 30, 2004
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