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Panera Bread

1700 Kingfisher Dr., Frederick, MD 21701ยท301-663-9406

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This store is a lot better than the other location in Frederick by far. Everytime I walk into this store, I'm greeted by a friendly staff. The cashiers are very attentive and informative. The food is prepared very quickly when the store isn't too busy. Even during lunch and dinner times, the wait isn't very long. I commend the employees that make the food. They are amazingly fast. (and friendly too!) The only downside I see is that occasionaly, the bread on the Panini sandwiches are a little hard. Other than that, I love everything about this store!


February 7, 2008


I love this Panera Bread. The staff is so young, unique, and friendly, and the food is great! I am so happy to have a Panera Bread right near where I live. I even got a gift card to this one for Christmas! 8D


January 29, 2011


I eat here regularly and love it. I can get healthy soup-and-salad choices, and I've always found the food to be fresh. They're prompt and friendly. My ONLY complaint is that some of the servers are a little too quick and spill soup all over the dish. It's one of my favorite places, and when I've had a laptop, I could get online there, too.


October 30, 2007

Allan Kaplan

We eat at Panera's every morning and have a bagel and coffee. Always delicious and a happy experience. This evening went for a light supper. We decided on the bread bowl of soup. They didn't have the bread. Ordered onion soup in a bowl. Soup was delicious, however, bowls were only half full and came COLD! Not a very happy experience, just thought you'd like to know. Allan Kaplan


May 30, 2007


It's a chain. What more is there to say? The staff is reasonably friendly. The veggies they use on the sandwiches are not always fresh tasting and there is far too much dressing on the salads. Bread is often tough to chew. The pastries are nice, but this location does not have a very good selection of them.

I will say one good thing, the seating is ample and the fireplace is a lovely touch.


May 6, 2007


I here you have a wonderful staff keep up the good work!


March 5, 2007
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