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Roy Rogers Restaurant

28 Souder Rd, Brunswick, MD 21716ยท301-834-8022

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Kathy Ahalt

I am the counselor at Brunswick Elementary and Pat, the manager was very nice. He is donating 2 pans of brownies to us for our Kid of Character lunch. Thank YOu!


November 12, 2009


The coleslaw used to be great. But now it is almost devoid of dressing and the 3 small containers that now constitute a large size are only half full. They have lost me and others as customers.


March 31, 2009


In the last few weeks this has turned into one of the worst Roy rodgers one could go to. Service is slower than slow. Drive through is always backed up as the person taking the orders does one person at a time, serves them and then takes the next order. I have been 3 cars from the window several times now and it has taken 10 to 15 minutes to get to the window, Then when you get your order it is either cold, french fries are nasty or you find out you have the wrong order. It is funny sometimes when you get up to the window there might be maybe 3 groups of people inside eating and no one in line. But you'll find all the workers standing around like there having a union meeting.If they would put more time into serving and making sure food is fresh there most likely would not be a problem.


October 18, 2006
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