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52 Souder Rd, Brunswick, MD 21716ยท301-834-7940

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I love this place. everything is so fresh and clean, and i love eating fresh everday!!!! some prices are a little high but that wont stop me... Subway Eat Fresh :)


November 21, 2011

Betty Rose

I have been to this location several times as I live in Brunswick and there are not too many options for food. The food is normal for a Subway - nothing different from any other location. However the service is terrible and to ask the employees, it's all because of the owner's "rules". I have had 2 specific events that has caused me to never enter this location again (even though my family loves Subway). 1. First issue occurred when I took my son to this location for lunch. The employees (all young kids) made 2 large subs for us and waited until we were ready to pay for our subs before telling us that they had been having issues with their computer system accepting credit cards (no one carries cash these days). They kept me standing at the register for 20 mins while they kept rebooting their system and trying to get their credit card system to come up. Finally they gave up and said we had to pay cash.. I told them I didn't have cash and why did they keep me standing there for 20 mins before telling me they couldn't get it to work? They had no response and wouldn't even give me the subs for the pure inconvenience. Had they told me in the beginning about the issue, we wouldn't have stood there so long. So they sent us out without food and they simply threw away the subs they made I'm assuming. I took the owners phone number (which he keeps posted in the restaurant for any issues).. Called twice and left messages about the issue - never received a call back. Swore I would never go back again.. Finally, after several months, family wanted subs so I went back against my better judgement. 2. Ordered 3 large subs. I am more of a veggie person but like the subtle taste of meat. So I ordered a turkey sub and asked for them to only put 1/2 of the meat on my sub and they informed me I would still be charged full price which I completely understood and agreed with. I asked them to take the remaining amount of my meat and just throw it on one of the other subs. They said they would have to charge me double meat on the other sub then. I informed them that the meat is already paid for on my sub and I'm not asking for double meat - I'm just asking them to take the extra from my sub and put on my husbands - I'm paying full price for the meat anyway so I should get the meat no matter what. The kid behind the counter told me that the owner told them that "should this ever occur" to charge for double meat. Bottom line: I ended up walking out with 3 large subs and a "cup" full of extra meat. They gave me my additional meat in a cup but couldn't just lay it on my husbands sandwich? How does that make sense? My family will never go to this location again and I have told all of my neighbors about this. In fact one of my neighbors goes to the next town over to their subway to avoid this one... Terrible ownership!!


October 16, 2012
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