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Taco Bell

1086 W. Patrick St., Frederick, MD 21703ยท301-662-1839

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Jeff L

love taco bell in general, but the store on W. patrick st is terrible, they have a 100% failure rate with me for order accuracy (more than 10 visits)- they always, without fail, get at least one order item wrong.


March 23, 2011


They have recently quit providing even paying customers with a cup of water. They even turned off the water dispenser at the drink station. Seems like if you're spending $15.00 for a family to eat lunch, they could give you a cup of water.


April 2, 2009


This Taco Bell makes a ton of mistakes but they redeem themselves on being willing to fix those mistakes. Manager once tossed in three caramel apple empanadas when they forgot my nachos.


March 22, 2008

John Findernale

I love my tacos.

This plaice nails it on the head when it comes to tacos.

I recomend this to anyone out there who is will'n to spare a dime or two for a decent taco.

God bless America.


October 2, 2003


This place may have the outer shell (pun intended) of being cheap, but the inside shows all

you just get three tacos and a drink and its like $5

if you go to dunkin donuts you can get three donuts and a drink for somewhere in the $2 range

the food is good if you're a taco-guy (or gal).
i am a taco lover when im in the moo

yes, they are american tacos, not so much mexican any more these days, but american tacos can be good

next time you're hungry for taco, just roll up and ask for a couple of supreme hard-ones and they'll serve you up quick with the best american taco in town


June 22, 2003


Very nice staff & good prices, but the food isn't too good I think.


March 6, 2003
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